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Bladder & Urinary

Bladder & Urinary

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Designed for the unique bladder and urinary needs of hunting, working, and sporting dogs.

Introducing All American Canine's "Complete Bladder and Urinary" powdered food topper, expertly crafted to support the active lifestyles of hunting, working, and sporting dogs. This premium, easy-to-use supplement is an indispensable addition to your dog's health regimen.

Optimized Bladder Functionality: Our unique powdered formula is specifically created to promote healthy bladder function. The blend of Cranberry Extract and D-Mannose aids in maintaining a healthy urinary tract, crucial for dogs on the move.

Natural Botanicals for Urinary Health: Uva-Ursa Leaf Extract, known for its urinary health benefits, is a key ingredient, providing a natural approach to your dog's well-being.

Protein Boost for Active Dogs: Understanding the rigorous demands of active dogs, our supplement includes Whey Protein, essential for maintaining muscle health and overall vitality.

Delicious and Convenient: Infused with a savory Powdered Beef Broth flavor, this food topper not only enhances your dog’s meal but also ensures effortless intake of essential nutrients.

Veterinarian Recommended: Developed in consultation with veterinarians, this supplement is a safe and effective method to support your dog’s urinary health.

Perfect for the Outdoors: Ideal for dogs who accompany their owners in outdoor activities, ensuring they stay active and healthy.

Easy to Use: Simply sprinkle the tasty powder over your dog’s regular meals for a no-fuss addition to their daily diet.

Proudly Made in the USA: Produced in the United States, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and safety.

Elevate your dog's urinary health with All American Canine's Complete Bladder and Urinary powdered food topper - the ultimate choice for the adventurous dog and its equally adventurous owner!